Greetings Book People!

Let us start with the formalities first since you guys are brand new here.

My name is Sabrina, or popularly known (just joking guys :P) as @thereaderdevotee on Instagram. I am from Malaysia, brought up in Sydney, Australia. While juggling with work, I still make time to read fictional books because I find pleasure in reading.

I have been reading since kindergarten where we would be given books to be read every single week by our teacher. As kids, we will definitely be interested in trying out new things. Ever since then, I am in love with the world of reading. I have to thank my teachers back in kindergarten for granting this wonderful opportunity.

I have come to a realization that I must not waste my opportunity to blog and share my thoughts on reading and writing so here I am making a blog about books and reading!

Fantasy and Contemporary are my cup of tea. However, I would like to broaden my reading spectrum and read any kind of books so I will learn how other book genres are written and told like.

I hope that this blog will take me to another level in the book community where I will meet book people from all over the world. Lets share love through reading.



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