ARC Review: Tiger Heart (Penny Chrimes)

48464386._SY475_Genre: Children
Orion Children’s Books
Expected Publication Date: January 9th 2020
Format: ARC Paperback
Source: Pansing Books
Page Count: 240

Blurb from Goodreads:

One magical friendship. One roaring adventure.

The magical tale of a bold young chimney sweep and a remarkable tiger, a dangerously hypnotic ruby and a mystical land found across an ocean and through a storm. Perfect for fans of The Girl of Ink and Stars and Pax.

Fly never meant to end up in a cage with a man-eating tiger. And though she’s no princess, when the tiger bows to her, she can’t help vowing to free him and return him home.

But the bird-filled jungles and cloud-topped mountains of the tiger’s homeland are an ocean away. And not everyone wants the tiger to return.

With dark and dangerous forces working against them, will Fly be able to fulfil her promises, keep them both alive and – just maybe – become the queen her tiger knows her to be?




I’ve read Tiger Heart in just two days and this premise is quite interesting.

It is a lovely story about an adventure of a young girl, Fly and a tiger called Tiger. I like both of them as a character, Fly is a brave young girl and she strives to do the right thing, even when her father doesn’t. Tiger, on the other hand is a faithful friend to Fly who does anything to keep Fly safe.

I admire Fly because of her strength and courage to send these animals back to their original habitat. Even when she is abused by her master, Black Bill, she portrays such kindness towards the other animals and she does not intend any harm towards the animals at all.

The whole time I read this book I feel so compelled to continue this story because I enjoy the magical and adventure feel that the book has. I am always excited to read what Fly and her friends can offer to us. However, I have to admit that the last chapter ends a bit abruptly and I wish that the characters such as Fly’s dad and uncle’s characterization are well-fleshed out.

Overall, Tiger Heart is quite an enjoyable book for middle grade lovers to read.

Special thanks to Pansing Books for sending me Tiger Hearts in exchange of an honest review.



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