ARC Review: I Owe You One (Sophie Kinsella)

43462771.jpgGenre: Adult Fiction
Publisher: Bantam Press
Publication Date: February 7th 2019
Format: ARC Paperback
Source: Times Reads
Page Count: 374

Blurb from Goodreads:

The irresistible new standalone from Sophie Kinsella is a story of love, empowerment and an IOU that changes everything . . .

Fixie Farr can’t help herself. Straightening a crooked object, removing a barely-there stain, helping out a friend . . . she just has to put things right. It’s how she got her nickname, after all.

So when a handsome stranger in a coffee shop asks her to watch his laptop for a moment, Fixie not only agrees, she ends up saving it from certain disaster. To thank her, the computer’s owner, Sebastian, scribbles her an IOU – but of course Fixie never intends to call in the favour.

That is, until her teenage crush, Ryan, comes back into her life and needs her help – and Fixie turns to Seb. But things don’t go according to plan, and now Fixie owes Seb: big time.

Soon the pair are caught up in a series of IOUs – from small favours to life-changing debts – and Fixie is torn between the past she’s used to and the future she deserves.

Does she have the courage to fix things for herself and fight for the life, and love, she really wants?




This is actually my first time reading a Sophie Kinsella book and I am very excited to read it! I have read so many good reviews about the Shopaholic series so it is a great start to read her latest book.

I don’t usually gravitate towards Adult Fiction that much because of my interest consisting of reading Young Adult books only. However, I don’t actually have any problems reading this as the characters in the book are very easy-going and relatable at the same time.

I love reading about family businesses because it is interesting to see how each of the family members play a role in managing it. You can see that family don’t always agree to each other on decision-making stuffs hence it is their duty to convince and persuade why it is a good or bad idea to agree on something.

The important message from the book is that family can be tough sometimes. It takes great courage to stand to our enemies, but just as much to stand to our family. It is an unbearable thought to criticise our own family members, the idea of breaking the family bond seems terrifying.

I love the main character, Fixie with her love interest, Sebastian. I love all of the scenes when they are together and it shows that they are a perfect match. I hate reading parts where Fixie’s siblings are such unbearable and unhelpful characters ever. I find myself similar to Fixie, I grow attach to a person so quickly and if things go wrong, I will just move on from the scene. I love when Fixie discovers her true self, where she evolves from a shy and timid person to someone who can stand up for herself.

The characters have such interesting lives and problems that they face and I learn a lot of lessons from their adulting journey. The romance is so good that it is one of my favourite things from the book. I wish I have read Sophie Kinsella’s book sooner because her writing is so good and I am totally missing out now!

Thank you Times Reads for providing me this gorgeous review copy of I Owe You One!




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